Stream It: Cult of Chucky (2017)

Even though I’d never seen a Child’s Play movie before today, I was terrified of Chucky as a kid – mostly because of the image I’d see on the front of the VHS boxes in the horror movie section of the video store, every time we’d take the family trip to pick out some movies to rent. (We usually went with The Princess Bride.)

So, Cult of Chucky was an appropriate place for me to start, really. It’s all about 80s nostalgia. And it’s a LOT of fun. The ending especially gets many thumbs up.


Yes! There’s a lot of gore. There’s a theme throughout the movie of torture – specifically of people being paralyzed but conscious, unable to stop the horror as they watch it approaching. It’s not only Chucky who’s menacing helpless victims, either…


Yes. Chucky has some funny lines, and the kills and gore are of the fun sort, if you’re into that stuff. Which, as you’re reading this blog, I assume you are.


Yes? This was unexpected, but there are some really cool shots through the film. And Mancini plays with the color red on a level of visual impressionism that I certainly didn’t expect from my first Chucky movie.


Also, guess what?? This horror movie passes both the Bechdel *and* the DuVernay test. Plus it’s not totally heteronormative, either! Does that make up for the horribly inaccurate depictions of mental illness and its treatment? Probably not, but the movie’s about a murderous doll after all, and the relative diversity in cast and story add to Cult of Chucky’s freshness.

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